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The 77 t/a had a
staring role in a little film (2nd highest grossing movie of 1977)  with Burt Reynolds 
(The Bandit) called

"Smokey and the Bandit"

1977 Pontiac
Trans AM SE
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Burt Reynolds with my Trans AM ........ SO LUCKY !!

Here's the video I put on youtube..

Bandit Run 2010.  This is my Trans Am on the Beach in Daytona Beach Florida.
1977 Bandit Trans Am
My Bandit Trans Am SE with Snowman's Semi Truck and Trailer on the Bandit Run 2009
1977 Trans Am
My 1977 Trans Am SE with the new Year One Burt Reynolds Edition Trans Am on the Bandit Run 2009

This shot was taken when I was on the Bandit Run 2008.  Tyler H took a group of Bandit Runners
on a movie tour around GA.  This was shot in Jonesboro GA.  The still shot of the moive is below. 
Not much has changed in 31 years.

Greg, Tyler and Kevin are working on bringing the semi trailer back to life.
This is me and my 77 Trans Am pictured with the smaller version of the semi-trailer miral scene.
Read more on the dream of making this a reality on
Tyler's Web Site

 Just received my Ban-One plate....(or close enough)
1977 Trans Am SE (special edition) Y-82.  It's located here in Sarasota, FL.   Under the hood is the 400 cubic inch Pontiac 6.6 liter with the optional t.a. engine package from the factory that upgraded the horsepower
from 180 to 200 (for a whopping $50.00), and also included chrome valve covers. 
3 Speed Automatic trans.  Hurst t-tops, am/fm/cb radio package.

I went to see "Smokey and the Bandit" when I was 10 years old with my mom. 
It was the 1st movie I ever seen in a theater.  After that day in 1977 I always dreamed of having the car.
18 years later in 1995 I found it, and the rest is history.

At Talladega Motor Speedway, during the 1st Bandit Run 2007.  We were sitting up for a group photos.  Lining up 70+ Trans Am takes some time. I was lucky enough to be involved with the 1st  Bandit Run  March 2007. Chris Campbell from HotRod Magazine went along for the ride on the 1st leg of our trip from Texarkana Tx to Atlanta GA. This picture of me was pulished in both Automobile and HotRod Magazines.

A couple of little known facts:  The hood scoop that
has the "T/A 6.6" is a Pontiac 400 motor, as seen
on my car here.  If the hood scoop has "6.6 Liter"
it's an Olds 403 motor.  Also, the 403 Olds motor
came for the California Pontiac plant.  The hood scoop
on a 1977 is the only year like this.  The 1978 scoop sits higher up and sticks farther out of the hood.
SE stands for "Special Edition" which is a package
that included the gold accents found in the
pin-striping, head lamp bezel & interior with the
german/gothic style lettering.

Hard to see in the picture, but the dash bezel, steering wheel, horn button and the little firebird emblems on the door panels are colored in gold accents.  Recently I had a guy approach me at a local car show and said he once owned a T/A.  He said it was a shame to see my dash discolored like that from age.  He went on to give me advice on how to clean it.  He was partially right; the non se package came with a silver dash bezel and steering wheel.

Almost everyone associates the above picture of Burt Reynolds in his jacket with the 1st movie.  The red jacket is actually from the second movie.  In the original movie he was only seen wearing the red long-sleeved, button up shirt  (shown right).

Look close, the Bandit is in the Drivers Seat.

The Bandit
The Georgia state license plate is one of the first images associated with the car
It's the first thing the audience sees when the Bandit rolls it out of the Snowman's truck.

My original 1977 Pontiac Trans AM SE window sticker.


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